About the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter

The San Francisco Bay Area Chapter covers a very diverse geographic areas along the California Coast from the Oregon Border south to beyond Santa Cruz. About 1,700 USNA alumni live within the boundaries of our chapter.

We’ve just created this more comprehensive website and moved our files to the USNA Alumni Association servers. so that our chapter members can be better served. In the next few weeks, we will be populating our site pages with more background information. In the meantime, pleaseĀ meet the Chapter leadership, stay connected and if you can, get more involved!

For techno geeks and other USNAAA chapters that are curios about the simple engine behind this site, you canĀ read about the site. We are more than willing to share the code and the graphics building engines with other chapters.

Stay in Contact
ALL ALUMNI -- To ensure you will receive important emails from the chapter, please keep your profile including your email address up-to-date with the National Association at https://www.usna.com/sslpage.aspx?pid=528.